LEGO® Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles

Publisher: LEGO®

Year: 2013

Formats: iOS, Android, Web

Amuzo created LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles based on the LEGO animated TV series. It’s a shoot-’em-up at heart, with some levels taking place on the ground, while others are epic space battles that you would expect to find in a Star Wars game. On top of the 3D shoot-’em-up gameplay we created a system where players could earn LEGO studs throughout the game, using these to purchase LEGO pieces to build custom characters and LEGO Star Wars vehicles. These can then be deployed directly into the action.

15 levels from the LEGO Star Wars universe have been developed to date, connected by mini-movies to drive engagement with the LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles animated TV series. The game has full integration with the LEGO ID system used on their website and in mobile games, 30 3D LEGO Minifigures were animated, including Yoda and 18 LEGO Star Wars vehicles were converted to low-polygon versions from LEGO’s original CAD files.