LEGO® Hero Factory: Invasion From Below

Publisher: LEGO®

Year: 2014

Formats: iOS, Android, Web, Windows, Nook

The second F2P game from Amuzo and LEGO was published on app stores under the Amuzo Games name. LEGO Hero Factory: Invasion From Below was an expansion of the Ninjago: The Final Battle engine, with elements from the original LEGO Hero Factory: Brain Attack, creating a fast-paced 3D platform shooter packed with action for the older kids who collect LEGO Hero Factory figures.

The player is set missions to complete, collecting points as they go to upgrade over 45 levels of abilities and special moves. A LEGO Battle Machine is built as the game progresses, and levels are interlinked with video from the LEGO Hero Factory animated TV show, creating a seamless experience as the player moves on in the story.

An achievement system was developed giving the player 80 badges to collect. In-app purchases were again created to give the player something they could keep, nothing disposable that would need repeat purchases. The Hydra Beast Battle Pack, for example, gives a new boss in an exclusive Lava Pool arena. Three new Battle Machines are available by purchasing the Battle Machine Combi Pack. By buying any upgrade pack, players are also given the ability to unlock unlimited Story Mode plays.