Yowie World

Publisher: Yowie

Year: 2013

Formats: iOS, Android, Web

Yowie is a chocolate brand from Australia, distributed throughout North America. Kids get a chocolate egg and a toy, with an eco-friendly message. Amuzo developed a new website and series of mini-games for the brand, with iOS and Android versions of the game.

The Yowie World is made up of eco-friendly monsters who are looked after by a ranger. The game starts out with an avatar creator so that the player can customise their own ranger’s clothes, hair, skin colour and name. Giving kids a sense of ownership over their gaming experience.

Yog Racer is a fun racing game with a gameplay mechanic to appeal to young children, but enough longevity and variety to keep the older players coming back for more. Swipe left and right to move, press jump to avoid rocks, don’t fall down the holes. It’s reminiscent of Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation.

Fishy Feast is a game you don’t see very often – a fish simulator! The small fish eat the bigger fish, the biggest fish… well you get the idea. Beautiful water effects and quick gameplay as you pick up the letters to the word BONUS, all created in Unity.

Recycling Race completed the trio of games where players use a catapult to fire rubbish into bins pushing the eco-friendly nature of the brand.

Throughout all the games players could collect stickers as rewards and add them to an interactive sticker book. The suite of games was promoted on the chocolate egg and toy packaging and POS throughout the United States and achieved the KPIs set out by the client to drive a deeper engagement with their brand and characters.