LEGO® Technic Race

Publisher: LEGO®

Year: 2014

Formats: iOS, Android, Web

We learned a lot about what makes a great racing game through working with Mobil1 on Racing Academy. Our next racing game had a LEGO twist. We turned their LEGO Technic range into a fast-paced multi-lane arcade game that offered players a quick racing fix for short game bursts.

Mimicking the real-world mechanism in the LEGO Technic models, each game is started by pulling back the car and letting go. Players can then swap lanes with a simple swipe left or right. Some lanes have barriers that will knock down to slow the car, others have speed-up arrows, and AI competitors are everywhere to get in the way. A timer is counting down and on reaching zero the car will slow to a halt and the race will end. Hitting checkpoints will boost the timer and keep the race going.

What this combination of game elements created was a fast and frantic arcade racer that both experienced gamers and those who had never played a game before could pick up and play instantly. Three models from the LEGO Technic Race range were recreated in low-poly versions from the original LEGO CAD files. A large indoor racing arena was created with tracks that split off in various directions and were switched on and off as the player progressed. A trophy system was added to give players a sense of achievement, and real player scores are visible on the leaderboard.

A sequel was created expanding the game further with outdoor sections, LEGO Technic Race 2.0.