Radio 1’s Fastest Time Wins

Publisher: BBC

Year: 2009

Formats: Web

BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra launched a week of gaming-themed content with an exclusive online campaign “Fastest Time Wins”. The game allowed players to race in the guise of a DJ against the station’s guest celebrities.

Fastest Time Wins was launched by Chris Moyles and his breakfast team in late October 2009, and formed part of their “Get Your Game On” week of events. Players race as a 3D avatar of a DJ, each with a customised racing Kart that reflected the station’s ongoing “Hello” campaign. Fearne Cotton even took to the virtual air on a flying carpet.

Throughout the week, guests and presenters recorded their own fastest laps live on Radio 1 for the audience to race against directly. Players could listen to BBC Radio 1 in-game and a turbo mode activates if the DJ you pick is on air at the same time you are racing. This helped to highlight DJ show times in an effort to increase listener numbers.