LEGO® Star Wars Ace Assault II

Publisher: LEGO®

Year: 2011

Formats: Web

Split across two LEGO websites, this campaign helped educate and excite children about the new LEGO Star Wars product line and the related TT Games videogame. Exclusive additional play modes were also be launched on and several other major online destinations.

The primary goal for Amuzo on this project was to create content that can be enjoyed by two distinct audiences. For experienced gamers, who have perfected their skills playing the LEGO Star Wars videogame series on their console or handheld, we added many special moves and play strategies to master. These skills are best showcased in the competitive two-player mode; bringing friends together to challenge each other, Master vs Apprentice.

The game is also tremendous fun for younger children who are progressing their journey through the Star Wars universe by playing with the LEGO products, possibly for the first time. As with all good games, much can still be achieved by simple button-bashing. An avatar builder, many videos and various rewards could be easily accessed by novice gamers. To ensure the products in the game looked as good as possible, Amuzo built the Flash game in 3D using bespoke low poly models of the starfighters and planetary systems.