LEGO® Hero Factory Creep Crushers

Publisher: LEGO®

Year: 2011

Formats: Web

Amuzo was commissioned to produce an online game to promote a new range of Hero Factory figures released in 2011. However, for this campaign LEGO adopted a different marketing strategy. The game content becomes a direct purchase incentive instead of an advertising medium.

Visitors to the Hero Factory website could enter a unique code that is found inside the canister lids of LEGO products in the range. This unlocked a special reward: one of six “Creep Crusher” games, relating to the character they have just spent their pocket money on.

Children could go back and play as often as they liked by accessing their HeroPad – the utility used to launch the content online. The game focused on humour and fun, whilst giving children the opportunity to save the day by defeating the evil Firelord. It was basically a cross between Castle Crashers and Double Dragon, with added teddy bears.