There is a world out there and it is yours for the taking!
Adventure island
It’s time to go on an adventure, filled with quests, battles, and exploring!
⚔️ Dive headfirst into battle! Fight against a variety of enemies from the slithering snakes to mighty wolves and collect their unique items!
Harvest crowds of Stickmin friends to battle against foes and explore the world!
Fishing land
Discover a range of fish and hire near by fishermen to work for you as you unlock new areas and manage your own fish shop!
 Keep guests happy by stocking a range of fish and expand further out to sea to discover new and unusual fish.
Create your own neighborhood, demolish old buildings, attract tenants, collect rent and buy upgrades
Relic Hunt
Clear the area of all kinds of rubble, set up your site, and dig through the ground until you reach the treasure!
 Smash the rock to discover the artifact inside and then carry your find back to the museum to display! Expand your museum to hold more artifacts resulting in more money in your pockets.
Idle Village Life
Welcome to your new village life! Your friends have some quests for you to complete, can you help them?! They’ll be sure to reward you!
Evolve from horseback to space shuttle as you experience the leaps and bounds transportation has taken during the ages! Start on 2 feet, evolve to 4 and much more! Bikes, race cars, jumbo jets… even a space shuttle!
Power Puck
Plot your puck and power up your shot before DESTROYING the opponents team with an over powered flaming puck of victory!
The teams arranged against you and the pressure is on. Do you have what it takes to plan the perfect shot and the skill needed to send it home?
Gym Run
Spin to win as you fling and swing your way from obstacle to obstacle! 
Collect new clothes and reach the finishing line to earn rewards
Tomb Runner
Navigate dangerous terrain as you carry stolen gems from the zombie temple.
Reach the evac zone and make a final dash as you take control over the attack helicopter and destroy all chasing zombies in a final exciting dash to freedom and fortune!
Crash Crew
Roll your cart down the slope and crash into boxes to cause as much destruction as possible! Charge headfirst into the target to impress the crowd! Control your cart with simple touch-drag controls and pick up as many buddies as possible to cause maximum damage.
Love Tower
There’s only one thing between you and your other half… and that’s climbing up this tower! Reach the top to be reunited in love using simple tap to climb controls. Time your jumps to pass obstacles and grab onto ledges! Are you ready to reach new dizzying heights?
Love Match
Tired of not finding the one? Swiping getting you nowhere? Take love into your own hands and become the best matchmaker out there! Simple swipe right/swipe left controls, being cupid has never been so easy. Rekindle the love by matching Pairs… just in time for Valentine’s Day!