LEGO® Mars Mission: Crystalien Conflict

Publisher: LEGO®

Year: 2007

Formats: Web

LEGO Mars Mission: Crystalien Conflict is a real-time strategy game. At the time of release it was one of the most sophisticated Flash advergames ever launched. Each level opens with an animation that both explains the storyline and introduces one of the models in the series. Each model features as a mixture of 3D renders and cartoon illustrations.

There are 30 game levels, which are all centred on building LEGO Mars Mission products: buildings, minifigures and vehicles. Children then use their newly created army to defend their base from crafty and scheming alien invaders.

The first five levels of LEGO Mars Mission were released exclusively on American Cartoon Network. One month later, 15 more levels were launched on The game was also seeded on popular game-related websites across the world, where content can be added for free. This resulted in a highly popular online campaign.