Playmobil Top Agents

Publisher: Playmobil

Year: 2017

Formats: iOS, Android

The evil Dr Drone and his D-1 minion are causing trouble with their army of bullet firing drones! As one of the Playmobil Top Agents, equip yourself with state-of-the-art vehicles and weaponry and stop the Doc in his tracks!

  • Flex your trigger finger and choose your agent – will you be Agent T.E.C. in the Mech? Or Agent P. with the Spy Racer? Or perhaps take on the Spy Team Battle Truck?
  • Each Playmobil Top Agents vehicle is equipped with two unique weapons to master, plus a Power Mode that once charged will transform the vehicles into a new, invincible state with infinite firepower!
  • Defeating drones makes them drop TECH that can be collected to power-up each weapon to the max.
  • Playmobil Top Agents playsets are brought to life in amazing 3D action!
  • The Mech, Spy Racer and Spy Team Battle Truck each have unique weaponry and a Power Mode that transforms them into invincible fighting machines!
  • Each vehicle is auto-controlled, leaving players free to focus on fighting off the army of drones.
  • Seek out Dr Drone’s D-1 minion before reaching the boss battle to take on the Doc himself!
  • Shooting down drones makes them drop TECH that can be used in Agent Tech’s lab to upgrade each of the vehicles’ weapons. Can you max them out?