Kinder Surprise Natoons

Publisher: Ferrero Kinder Surprise

Year: 2020

Formats: iOS, Android

Bring the Kinder Surprise Natoons to life in Augmented Reality and learn about animals in the Amazon jungle! Scan a Natoons animal or QR code from a Kinder Surprise, play with the animal, take a selfie, then release it into the jungle for more fun and games.

Feed Natoons their favourite foods, win Natoons Fact Cards, learn about the animals, play mini-games to collect more food. Collecting five Natoons Fact Cards unlocks a cartoon and wins an animal care badge.

Play is vital to children’s growth and development and Natoons is designed to deliver learning opportunities through fun and engaging content. The learning content of the game adapts to the age of the player to ensure a fun experience for all children.