Idle Aquarium

Publisher: Playstack London

Year: 2021

Formats: iOS, Android

Welcome to Idle Aquarium! Build a fish-tastic aquarium brimming with aquatic life and rake in the money!

Start small
Start with a small exhibit, attract visitors, sell tickets to earn money, and then expand to facilitate more impressive exhibits.

Attract guests
Decorate and improve your reception in order to attract more customers and keep them happy through aquatic research and happy marine life.

Buy upgrades
Expand your gift shop by adding new sale items or upgrading the existing ones. Your customers will appreciate it and will spend more money!

Collect fish
Sail away to discover new fish species that you can include in your aquarium and bring in rarer and legendary fish… is that a Kraken?! Manage the welfare of your fish by hiring experts to keep tanks clean and fish fed.

Upgrade tanks
Build, repair and upgrade exhibits from all over the world to showcase a variety of ocean animals.

Become famous
Take your aquarium to the next level and become rich!