LEGO® Star Wars The New Yoda Chronicles

Publisher: LEGO®

Year: 2014

Formats: iOS, Android

LEGO’s The Yoda Chronicles animated TV series on Cartoon Network was a big success, and Amuzo’s first Yoda game had delivered 18 million downloads, so a sequel was launched in 2014.

  • Players were asked to choose to play on the Light Side with Yoda or the Dark Side with Darth Vader, with each containing a collection of LEGO Star Wars mini-games.
  • Each mini-game appeared multiple times on a level select screen where players could select to go wherever they chose, rather than forcing them into a linear level progression.
  • Some levels were flagged ‘Coming Soon’ and unlocked in future updates, keeping player retention high.
  • A running, shooting and lightsaber-slashing game was set in Kashyyyk.
  • Base jumping with various characters took place in the pits of Utapau.
  • Four types of space battles are included. AT-AT Walkers could be taken down and Star Destroyers engaged in a dogfight in space.
  • Each game allowed players to collect Holocrons that would unlock LEGO Minifigure pieces to create their own characters out of the 24 iconic LEGO Star Wars Minifigures in the game.
  • The LEGO ID system was used to give players a seamless experience from the LEGO website to the mobile games, with game progress saved.