The original team behind the No.1 racing game FLO has come back together to create a major update in conjunction with Unleashd’s game subscription service.

Back in 2018 we created FLO as a Friday afternoon GameJam at Amuzo Games, and it went on to be featured by Apple around the world as a Game of the Week. The game hit No.1 in the racing charts in 37 countries. There were always more ideas we could have squeezed into FLO, but other game projects took over. We released Om-Nom Merge for Zeptolab, Natoons for Ferrero Kinder Surprise and Charlie’s Angels for TabTale last year, and have just launched Idle Cafe with Playstack.

Then we were approached by new game subscription company Unleashd with their hope of including FLO on their service. That was the perfect excuse to bring the original game developers back together to realise the FLO vision we had back in 2018.

So we’re proud to announce that FLO has had a major update! The game now boasts three game modes: Levels, where you must reach the goal while picking up coins; Survival, where you can challenge your Facebook friends on the leaderboard – now complete with new FLO Boost mode to start you off from your last high score; and Zen mode where you get to chill out with the hardcore beats of Fracus & Darwin playing.

FLO is a fast-paced arcade racing game where you must control gravity with a tap. Roll up and down the hills on the correct side to pick up speed, avoid the deadly mines and Darkness that could envelope you. We have now added coins to collect that can be spent on new skins for your ball. Torpedoes, Shuriken, Rainbows – try them all out for a unique FLO experience. Plus Daily Goals, Achievements and game balancing tweaks to keep you coming back for more.

Unleashd is a new game subscription service for Android, and by subscribing through FLO players get access to extra lives, remove the ads, have exclusive Achievements for extra coins, plus much more.

FLO is published under the Ozuma Games brand – the place for fun, experimental, addictive hyper casual games from Amuzo.

If you’ve not tried FLO for yourself, then what are you waiting for? Challenge our team on the Facebook Leaderboards now!

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