Sumo Penguins

Coming soon from Amuzo – Sumo Penguins scrapping it out in a multi-player mobile brawler!

Battle for supremacy on an ever-shrinking, slippy, slidy iceberg! Barge and bounce opponents into the frozen waters until there is only one winner in this fast-paced battle-royale! Use skill, cunning and special moves to decide who’s the king-pinguin and who sleeps with the fishes!

  • Drop in, bounce your way to victory and be crowned the King Penguin!
  • Up to ten players compete in slippy, bumpy mayhem, amongst frozen mines, arctic predators and other natural hazards.
  • It’s comedy battling for everyone – easy to pick up and chaotically difficult to master!
  • Win fish to personalise your penguin! Choose from all kinds of costumes and props to make yourself stand out on the ice. Who can resist a penguin in a sombrero and boxing gloves?
  • Tons of different slippy-slidy environments with the variety of crazy golf courses, there’s always new ways to play, tactics to employ and hazards to exploit!

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Sumo Penguins gameplay!