A sub theme of LEGO Technic, Hero Factory took the brick world by storm back in 2012. The Breakout brand had larger, collectable LEGO models, a TV series and Amuzo was brought on board to work with the toy designers to come up with a PC web game that could crossover to iPad and iPhone.

The result was Breakout – a AAA quality third person action game that brought the LEGO toys to life. Our team of game designers visited Denmark and were involved with the brand from its inception. We suggested adding codes to the chestplates of the toys, which when entered into the game would unlock new characters, upgrades and levels. It went down a storm with 5 million downloads of the web game in the first 10 weeks.

  • A major PC and mobile game for LEGO, bridging the gap between web and console.
  • Amuzo was the winner of the 2012 NMA Grand Prix award and DADI Interactive Campaign award.
  • LEGO sets included codes on the toys to unlock items in-game.
  • Five unique worlds for kids to play through, all available in 16 languages.
  • Player guides were published in The LEGO Club magazine.
  • Amuzo developed an exclusive iPad and iPhone level.



LEGO Hero Factory Breakout Official Trailer