Race to victory in this fast-paced learning game designed to enhance and improve business and finance acronym recognition.


Brought to you by leading eLearning company, Unicorn Training, in partnership with award-winning mobile game studio Amuzo.

Choose from a set of four acronym lists:

Insurance, eLearning, Training & Competence, Plus bonus “Internet speak” level

  • Your challenge; to travel as far as you can before time runs out
  • Race the clock, collecting letters en route to create as many abbreviations as possible
  • The more correct abbreviations you collect, the more time you gain
  • Pass through pick-ups to boost your speed and add even more distance to your drive
  • However! Bump into cars or collide with road blocks and you’ll see your speed decrease
  • For bonus distance, prove your knowledge in the ‘What Does it Mean?’ quiz
  • Race friends and colleagues to pole position with a Facebook leaderboard log in

Not your average learning exercise – this time fun won’t take the back seat!

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Test drive your abbreviation knowledge!

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