Build, create and train your Ultimate Rebel LEGO® MiniFigure to free the galaxy from the oppressive rule of The Empire!

Jump in the training simulator and blast through the galaxy to unlock new planets in this all-action top-down arcade shooter.

  • Build your very own customisable Rebel LEGO® minifigure hero
  • Blast, battle and build your way through nine exciting levels
  • Adventure through four iconic Star Wars™ environments
  • Soar through space, trek across desert, adventure through forests and navigate icy tundra
  • Featuring 12 official LEGO® Star Wars™ playable vehicles
  • Build awesome space, air and ground vehicles by collecting up scattered parts
  • Discover 21 different unlockable LEGO® miniFigure items
  • Get access to vehicle bios and LEGO® miniFigure stats
  • Explode objects to uncover studs for extra stat boosts and even more LEGO® miniFigure items
  • Look out for game codes in the TV series for access to exclusive items
  • Even more levels, vehicles and LEGO® miniFigures to unlock in future updates!

Join The Jedi in their fight to defend peace and justice. Release your inner Rebel!

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Help restore peace to the galaxy!

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