The evil Djinn Nadakhan is stealing parts of Ninjago Island to rebuild his realm of Djinjago in the sky!

After returning to his home realm of Djinjago, Nadakhan vows revenge on the Ninja as their destruction of the Cursed Realm has caused Djinjago to collapse. Only Jay can stand against an otherworldly power capable of almost anything imaginable!

  • Master the art of Stealth to rescue your fellow Ninja from the Djinn Blade
  • 12 action packed, re-playable levels spanning across 4 story driven environments
  • Super stealthy gameplay, with a variety of paths and cunning interactions on every level
  • Learn to Spinjitzu Sky Pirates from above and perform Airjitzu to gain new heights
  • 10 epic Ninja items to be purchased, altering the way in which the levels can be played
  • 8 boss characters with unique environments and attack patterns to defeat
  • Simple but innovative tap-to-interact control mechanics to enhance the stealth-based gameplay
  • 60 hidden stars to collect and unlock new realms
  • 25 fun packed achievements

Happiness and accomplishment don’t come from wishing. True power lies within the ambition to achieve and the willingness to fight for what you want.

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Can Jay stand against an otherworldly power?

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