Play the action packed racing game that has had over 10 million downloads and has topped the iOS charts in 100 countries!

Once a pristine, natural paradise, the Kingdom of Chima has become a savage battle ground for the heavily-armed animal tribes. The creatures fight fiercely for control of a natural resource called Chi, a powerful element that is both a source of life and unimaginable destruction.

Best friends are now worst enemies and they use their CHI powered vehicles to charge furiously at each other in deadly jungle jousts.

  • Win races to face new challenges and unlock more exciting routes
  • Face off against Laval and Cragger as well as other famous Chima characters
  • Unleash the power of CHI to boost your Speedor
  • Reach furious speeds and avoid obstacles to post the fastest times
  • Unlock new items to customize your minifigure and collect studs to buy new Speedorz
  • Compete against opponents in the Tribe and Royal Cup

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Chima has become a battle ground for animal tribes.

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