Meet the LEGO® Friends Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie, Emma and Mia in this exciting dress up game that is 100% free.

Full 3D graphics bring Olivia’s House and the new LEGO mini-dolls to life.

Beat the clock!

Can you match your Friends’ outfit within the time limit? You’ll need to search in Olivia’s room to find what you need – under the bed for shoes, in the drawers for skirts and pants, in the cupboard for tops and on the make-up table for hair styles. Press the heart shaped hint button if you need a reminder.

Customise your mini-doll!

Earn LEGO Friends credits that you can use to create your own mini-doll, picking from over two hundred different items of clothes, shoes and hair styles. Show off your own LEGO Friends style!

Explore the LEGO Friends website to play four other great games – horse riding, pets parlour, café, party organiser and jet biking fun!

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Match your Friends’ outfit within the time limit!

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