The World Has Gone

Currently in development at Amuzo is our take on the frantic zombie shooter!

Your team are back to back, blasting, burning and blowing up wave after wave of zombie hordes! Bullets, bombs, flames and flesh abound as would-be ordinary members of the public take up arms as the world falls apart around them. Society may be over but the fun is just beginning! Keep your team alive and upgrade their weapons – you’ll need to because before long what was once a downtown shopping mall will be descending into hell!

  • Build a team of ordinary folk turned zombie-apocalypse slaying warriors!
  • Fight against wave after wave of mindless flesh beasts as you unlock and upgrade weapons, explore a world slowly descending into hell and keep your team alive against unbelievable odds!
  • It’s bullet hell turned on its head – your team turn in formation firing outwards as you guide them across the level.
  • A huge variety of zombies and bosses attack from all angles, with attack patterns to learn and behaviours to anticipate.
  • Over the top weaponry in the hands of people who were brewing coffee and scanning our shopping mere days ago mean plenty of amateur Rambo fun in a world where nothing really matters anymore anyway!

Guns locked and loaded… The World Has Gone!

©2018 Amuzo


The World Has Gone WIP Demo Video